The cheese of Possa

Wine cheese or ''possa's'' cheese. This is an exclusively local product,made only on the island of  Kos. There is no other place in Greece that you can fTiri-Possaind such a traditional cheese fermentaded and preserved in wine sediments, enriched with spices,herbs and tree peels. In the local dialect this certain cheese is known as ''tira'' which means a large piece of cheese. This specific cheese was named by the locals after the importance it had in their daily nutrition. It is mainly produced from goats' milk by local shepherds and it obtains its shape by the basket it is placed in also known as  ''tirovoli''. After two or three days in the sun it is dipped in the ''possa'' wine mixture, where it gets its red color and is preserved. It can be eaten after one or two weeks, after the fermentation procedure is completed. It is delicious in greek salad and can also be served with spaggetti and rice! A small bite full of taste and tradition!


Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is recognized all around the world for its use of healthy and wholesome ingredients. It makes use of olive oil (the olive tree is intrinsically linked to the Greeks’ history) and also makes use of vegetables (tomatos, courgettes and aubergines can be found in abundance across the Greek countryside) and herbs (Kos is home to many varieties of oregano, thyme and rosemary). Meat also plays an important part in Greek cuisine. Most popular are poultry, beef and pork. Rabbit and lamb are less common delicacies.

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