Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is recognized all around the world for its use of healthy and wholesome ingredients. It makes use of olive oil (the olive tree is intrinsically linked to the Greeks’ history) and also makes use of vegetables (tomatos, courgettes and aubergines can be found in abundance across the Greek countryside) and herbs (Kos is home to many varieties of oregano, thyme and rosemary). Meat also plays an important part in Greek cuisine. Most popular are poultry, beef and pork. Rabbit and lamb are less common delicacies.


Greece is, of course, home to Feta cheese. Known all around the world, it is one of the country’s most recognizeable exports. Its fame shouldn’t keep you from trying other varieties of cheese while in Greece. Kaseri is another favourite. When fried it is called saganaki and is one of the most sublime tastes a cheese-lover can experience. Also ask for the local delicacy, ‘krasotiri’ (wine cheese) also known as ‘posa’ cheese, a product Kos is famed for. While on the topic of dairy, yoghurt is very popular in Greek cuisine, and becomes even more popular the further east one travels. It works very well with spicy flavours and also acts as a cooling agent!

As is the case with other countries around the Meditarranean, people often prefer smaller dishes to main courses, in order to have a wider variety of different flavours on their tables. These small dishes are known as ‘mezes’ and are usually served with anise-flavored liqueurs such as the world famous ‘ouzo’ and its lesser known sibling ‘tsipouro’.

Many Greek desserts are characterized by the use of two main ingredients: honey and nuts. Placed in layers of filo pastry which can be prepared and folded in a variety of ways into many different shapes, they are known as ‘syropiasta’ (containing syrup). One should definitely sample ‘Baklava’, the most famous of these, while in Greece!


Kos is also famed for a wide variety of jarred syrupy fruit sweets, known as ‘glika tou koutaliou’ (spoon sweets). Sweet tomato is probably the most popular of these.

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